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"Bangladesh in Frames 3"

“Bangladesh in Frames 3” is the third annual Photography exhibition of “Through The Lens: Bangladesh” photography community which will be held from 25th to 29th of March, 2011 in Dhaka Bangladesh and will present the work of creative amateur participants by their photos of Bangladesh from different geographical locations. This exhibition is more focused in to the showcasing the positive image of Bangladesh from different aspects of life, places and environment around the country.
 Bangladesh in Frames 3 - the 3rd Annual Photography exhibition of  Through The Lens: Bangladesh
Through The Lens: Bangladesh (TTL) is an online based photographic community where mostly people are open to share their photos, participate in to technical discussion, study and share knowledge on photography. Members got option to participate in open criticism on photographic techniques and frequent experiments on new ideas and scope of Photography.

The first exhibition of “Bangladesh in Frames 1” was held on March 2009 by the 60 participants of TTL (Through The Lens: Bangladesh) members who shared their creative works and ideas though geographically many of the members are placed in to different places.

This annual exhibition will be launched on the 25 March, 2011 at the Drik Gallery (including the Open area). In the harmony of this exhibition there will be Photo Story and open Photo critic discussions as of our contemporary practice.

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Workshop on Digital Darkroom, Advanced 12th & 13th March

After last year’s successful workshop on Digital Darkroom, TTL is proudly announcing their next 2 day long venture on Advance Digital Darkroom processes or Post processing to the TTLer, who keeps interest on learning photoshop on more professional way.

We are lucky enough to have Mr. Syed Latif Hossain, renowned photographer & graphics designer, to guide us throughout this workshop.

If you feel the following workshop outline is what you were looking for long, then make no delay and grab your seat!! we are having limited number of sits available for u!!

Highlights of Workshop outline:

- A primer on digital imaging

o Making of digital images
o Pixels – the building blocks
o Image dimension
o Digital file formats
o Digital imaging workflow

- Assessing an Image

o Tonal Value
o Understanding histogram
o White balance
o Color
o Distortions
o Lens aberrations (chromatic and optical)
o Noise
o Dusts and spots

- Basic Editing

o Straighten tilted horizons
o Sharpening
o Noise reduction
o Achieving correct tone and color
o Cropping
o Resizing, enlargement and reduction
o Lens correction (perspective, vignettes, color fringe…)
o Spotting
o Fixing red eyes
o The right tone and contrast
o Color correction
o Color to black and white/monochrome images
o How much to edit?
o Ethical and other issues – discussion

- Advance editing

o Portrait retouching
o Adding the missing parts
o Enhancing landscapes
o Simulating a pan
o Simulating depth of field
o Basic HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging

- Digital Printing

o Lab or Inkjet?
o Enlargement and reduction

And many many many more….!!!


We will be concentrating on the hands on problems and “how to’s”… so start digging down in to your Memory card for those scary photos which all this days you were wondering “how..!!” ;-)


Time Venue & Registration:

12th and 13th March , 2010
9AM to 5PM
TTL Red Lounge, Road#7,House#15,Gulshan 1.
Course Fee:
2000 Taka per person
number of Seats:
Last Date of Booking:
6th March 2010 (depending up on availability of seats!!)
on 6th March 2010, during 2nd TTL Photo ADDA (TTL Red Lounge)


For more details please feel free to contact

Please bring your laptop if u have 1..!!!

SP: The target participants must have the basic knowledge on photoshop.


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